Moby and Friends

Moby 3143. Your haven from the hustle and bustle of High Street, Armadale. Your new chic, sophisticated yet rustic home away from home. We’d love nothing more than to share a cup of the finest java with you over a bite from our gorgeous seasonal menu.

We pride ourselves on our unique menu and custom house blend of coffee. Curated by Steve Svensen and Christina Higgins, head chef and nutritionist respectively, each and every single ingredient included on Moby’s menu has been a conscious decision. Steve and Christina’s lust for an exceptional standard of food and gastronomic innovation rely heavily on top notch suppliers. They play such an important role in the creation of the food and coffee we will share with you that we would like to take a moment to introduce them.

Cobb Lane Bakery

Moby couldn’t be happier in their choice to source the freshest of bread, irresistible pastries and sweet treats from the local team at Cobb Lane Bakery. The exceptionally talented Matt Forbes heads this wonderful operation and continually exceeds expectations. Forbes’ way of working has evolved into a fusion of traditional techniques with a touch of his own innovation, creativity and originality.


Peter Bouchier

Purveyor of all things meat, Peter Bouchier is an inner eastern institution. Being one of the oldest and best butchers in Melbourne, as well as a local favourite, they were our first choice. Specialising in fresh, premium quality meat, Peter Bouchier has allowed our creativity to flow through our bespoke kitchen and onto your plate.


Biviano & Sons

This family owned fruiterer has been operating for over 40 years. Their passion for fresh produce is a sentiment that is most certainly shared with us at Moby. Biviano & Sons have comfortably established themselves as Melbourne’s premier merchants of fine fruit and vegetables.


Five Senses

Coffee. The serious stuff. Melbourne is known for its love of java, but none as much as Five Senses. Their passion for bringing outstanding coffee to life and connecting people through specialty coffee is second to none. Our collaboration with Five Senses has produced an exceptional house blend, namely Hi Fidelity, for Moby that will not disappoint.

Hi Fidelity explores the sweet and clean profiles of Central and South American coffees and holds and exceptional flavour profile. You will get a fresh cherry and blood orange acidity spring onto your palate that will mellow into a clean and candied finish. One for the ages!


Impala & Peacock

The tisanes from Impala & Peacock are simply stunning and crafted from only organic ingredients of the highest quality. They are totally free from chemicals and synthetic flavour enhances and therefore fit perfectly within our food philosophy at Moby. We are lucky to be chosen to share and celebrate their specialty tea with our local community and hope you are just as excited as we are.


At Moby, we will never compromise on quality and will always strive for innovation as well as excellence. Our suppliers share these same sentiments and our collaboration with them will ensure your time with us will be unforgettable. Look forward to seeing you soon.